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Causes And Symptoms Of Acid Reflux

Causes And Symptoms Of Acid Reflux Everyone Needs To Be Aware Of

Acid reflux is a problem that thousands of people deal with every day. It is not a pleasant experience and that is why you need to know the cause and symptoms of it, so that if you experience it, you will be able to easily recognize it so you can get help for this problem.

There are many different causes to this problem. Once you know the causes, you will be able to more easily avoid them so you can minimize how much you experience this. Some of the different causes include:

– Smoking

– Too much caffeine

– Alcohol consumption

– Eating large meals

– Foods that contain tomatoes

– Eating food 2-3 hours before going to bed

– Foods that are high in fat, especially foods that are fried

– Fruits or fruit juices

– Clothes that are tight fitting around your mid-section

Now that you understand the causes, you can start avoiding these things so you can get rid of this painful and unpleasant problem. The next thing you need to know are the symptoms, so you can determine easier if this is the problem you have been dealing with.

1. Heartburn where you get a burning sensation that ranges from your upper stomach to your lower chest.

2. Regurgitation – This is where food is brought back up into your mouth.

3. Chest pains – Many people feel slight to harsh pains in their chest.

4. Problems swallowing

5. Hoarseness when speaking

6. Dental erosion that is caused by stomach acids in your throat and mouth.

Understanding the cause and symptoms of acid reflux lets you be more informed so you can finally determine if this is the problem you have been dealing with. Do your homework on this problem and pay a visit to your doctor for the best solution for you to stop experiencing this problem.