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Health Insurance

Most people are not aware that Acid Reflux is covered by their Health Insurance.  In general, the medications used for reflux do not cost very much (under $20) and you can get them over the counter at your local pharmacy or grocery store.  If you would like to see what your Insurance covers then you will have to go in for an appointment so a doctor can verify you have acid reflux and to check what your insurance policy covers when it comes to prescription drugs and discounts.

Most Insurance policies will give you a significant discount on prescription drugs where a typical $50 prescription may only cost $5 to $10 dollars but every policy and program is different and only your local pharmacy can tell you what the actual cost will be for your prescription.

Will my health insurance cover reflux prescriptions?

In most cases you will receive a discount from your insurance for reflux medication.

What is the process to get the discount?

You will need to go to your doctor or a local clinic where they can write you a prescription that can be filled by a pharmacy.

Are there any costs?

You will typically have to pay a co-pay for your doctors visit to get the prescription for the medication.  Your usual co-pay should be the cost.

How long is my prescription for?

Usually your doctor will prescribe medication for 30 days with a set number of refills.  Once the refills have been used up you will have to go in for another appointment to renew your prescription.  Sometimes you can call in to get a prescription renewal.

Is using my health insurance for acid reflux a smart idea?

If you are able to save significant money on the cost of the medication or if you need medication that is “not” over the counter, then it would be smart to use your insurance to treat acid reflux.

What if I don’t have health insurance?

You can search online to get a free insurance quote to see what your costs would be depending on your need, income, and coverage limits.  If you have a job, talk with your employer to see what health insurance will cost for you to be on a company plan.  If you can not get insurance through the company you work for you can look for a “prescription card” which gives you a discount on prescriptions for a small fee.